Digging our own grave

This Friday, videolamer accomplished something it’s been striving to achieve for the past few months – an article of ours made it to the front page of digg.com. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a chance for a much wider audience to read our work turned into a minor debacle. Ah, the cost of success.

You may have noticed the 40 hours or so where the site was completely down. Turns out Host Gator, our not so competent host, suspended the videolamer account after the digg traffic crashed their server and took out other non-gaming sites with it. Why their server couldn’t handle the thousand or so page views is beyond me, but we have been forced to upgrade our plan to a semi-dedicated server.

This means you can feel free to sit at home and reload the front page 46 times a second, eagerly awaiting our wit and wisdom. And in the off chance we have any other minor mass success, the site won’t be broken for more than a day. Maybe.

I’d like to thank all the diggers who left intelligent comments on the digg page. Amazingly, some people even disagreed with Stefan’s point but were still civil and willing to have a discussion. As for the many who posted ignorant comments like, “Stop playing games if you don’t like them,” well, you’ll never read this site again anyway, so I guess I don’t need to say anything.

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17 years ago

Videolamer FTW!


[…] – This article made it to the front page of Digg. Welcome, […]