Best Buy needs a better selection

Tonight I scoured the earth for a copy of Etrian Odyssey. A painfully difficult game with music by Yuzo Koshiro sounds like heaven to me. Apparently, Best Buy thinks it sounds like a nerdy Japanese RPG doomed to rot on the shelves. I was hurt that the store didn’t carry the game, but what they do carry is infinitely more infuriating.

Cars…OK, maybe the movie was cute.

Cake mania…I guess it’s some flash game, whatever.

Bratz: Diamondz…No, there is never a reason to stock this game. If you buy your children Bratz merchandise do the world a favor and smother them while they sleep.

Dogz…Nintendogs ripoff meant to take advantage of stupid children and ignorant parents, fine.

Horsez…Nintendogs ripoff meant to take advantage of stupid children and ignorant parents who cannot tell the difference between a dog and a horse, fine.

Hamsterz…what the fuck? We bitter gamers spend so much effort hating EA we didn’t even notice that Ubisoft is now almost as shameless and devoid of creativity. Hamsters are pretty cute, though.

Pet Vet, Purr Pals, countless other animal care games, most of which end in “Z.”

And the final nail in the coffin -78 thousand copies of The Suite Life starring Zack and Cody.

Best Buy’s GBA selection is somehow worse. If you were new to the system you wouldn’t believe it’s home to a number of awesome RPGs, action games and some Nintendo classics. But that’s alright, I didn’t really want Yggdra Union. I came for Drake & Josh.

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17 years ago

OOOOOOOO you’re getting dangerously close to the one game I actually worked on, Jay:) I didn’t like it either, but my name is still in that last “Z” game….

17 years ago

Don’t forget the shameless TV show licensed games! Nickelodeon’s stuff (Avatar games for every system), CSI: Yet Another Cash-in, Law & Order, American Idol…
Bet every one of them sold more than Yggdra Union, sadly. Ever try to say the game name out loud to someone who hasn’t heard of it before?