You down with DLC (Yeah you kno’ me!)

Some rumblings from Valve promising that they won’t charge for extra content in their future games. I’m still trying to figure out what this means, or rather, what importance this has. New maps were provided for Team Fortress Classic by Valve in the past, and Half Life Deathmatch was a gift as well. All this announcement does is confirm they’re the same thing as always.

Or is it? Many gamers have mocked the announcement as being a bunch of baloney, pointing out that Epic said the same thing about Gears of War before Microsoft twisted their arm to twist our arms. Maybe Valve is afraid the same will occur to them. I’m also skeptical about whether this will actually hold true simply because of Valve’s practices over the years. Garry’s Mod was free until Valve scooped up the guy behind it and made it their own. Same with Day of Defeat and Counterstrike when they got the Source treatment. Its nice to know we may still be getting free map packs, but it is half hearted if you also suck up all the fan made goodies as well.

Oh sound bytes.

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