WipEout for PS3: You Know You Want it

This will be the game that breaks the camel’s hump for me with the PS3. Metal Gear probably won’t do it, Final Fantasy definitely won’t do it, and I don’t really have to worry about Fumito Ueda’s next opus because it will probably come out when PS4 is released, judging from their track record. Nope, only WipEout will make me get that second job.

A few weeks ago Sony revealed that the series would be released at some point in the future on the PS3. Details are scant at the moment, but they did say the game would utilize the SIXAXIS motion controls, as well as a possible online mode, which we can assume is either multiplayer or downloadable tracks and vehicles, just like they did with WipEout Pure on the PSP.

I first came across the WipEout series with the PSP version, and it’s one of the best games for the system. The driving is great, the visuals are still some of the best for the handheld, and the soundtrack is insane. The techno-based soundtracks are basically what put WipEout on the map when it was first released for the PS1, and Pure continued the tradition with some great tracks from Cold Storage, Elite Force, Paul Hartnoll, and many others. If you have a PSP (I know there’s some of you out there!) and don’t have this game, get your ass in gear, soldier! It really is an amazing racing experience and it makes waiting for Gran Turismo Mobile that much easier.

Although a lot of games that use the SIXAXIS’s motion controls right now seem tacked on in my mind, I have faith in the WipEout team. I can’t imagine them releasing the game with poor controls, as the game punishes you hardcore-like for hitting the walls. But, as with everything in this crazy, mixed-up life, I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Anyone else here a WipEout fan, or am I the only cool person in the room?

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Brian DeMaso
17 years ago

Good ole’ wipeout.  I remember when my friend from across the street got it for his playstation, it was amazing for the time.  "Dude it’s soo fast, it’s crazy!"I’m sure it will be sweet for PS3, although I will never play it though because I will never own a PS3. 

17 years ago

I also hope to never own a PS3 and have similar memories of the first Wipeout on my PS1. It was around then I realized Psygnosis was an excellent developer.