Where to sell your classic games

Today while looking for a deal to trade in my old DS for a new pink one (it matches my nail polish) I came across the tremendous SellVideoGames.com. The site is run by BRE Software and is an amazing deal for anyone interested in trading in their old classics. And by amazing, I mean they are taking advantage of anyone stupid enough to take them seriously.

Looking through their trade in prices for Saturn games left me speechless. $6 for Bomberman when on eBay you could get five times that price. $7.10 for Dragon Force instead of around $50 on eBay and $8.20 for Guardian Heroes instead of about $60 on eBay. Surprisingly, Suikoden 2 nets you $48.11 from BRE Software. This is a tad shy of the over $100 eBay would yield, but I expected worse. At least they only buy Snatcher for $6.30.

Not only does BRE Software offer insultingly low trade in prices, they seem to lack an understanding of supply and demand. Shining Wisdom will make you $5.90 but Shining Force 3 only $2.10. They buy Panzer Dragoon 2 for $3.50 but Panzer Dragoon Saga for $2.10. If you plan to sell Shining Force 3 and Panzer Dragoon Saga, you could make a sweet $4.20 from these guys or put in five minutes of effort and get about $200 off of eBay.

My favorite game on their list is Return Fire for the Saturn. They will give you 80 cents for it. It’s hard to guess what a collector may give you, but it could be a thousand dollars or more. Return Fire never came out on the Saturn. If you happen to have a prototype of the game, I recommend you find a buyer who will offer at least a cup of coffee for it.

To make all of this even funnier, BRE Software’s store site has some ass blogging stories like, “Sony: Excellent at Pissing People Off.” When you work for a company that offers such terrible deals, it takes some guts to bash other companies shortcomings. It looks like BRE is the opposite of Buy Rite Games — Buy Rite sold games for less than possible, thus they often didn’t ship orders, and BRE buys games for less than anyone else. Yes, they seem to be opposites in most ways, but they share an important similarity: they’re both crooks.

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