Vic Ireland selling off all his games?

So it would seem. He will even sign them for you but they don’t come cheap. From the eBay auction for Popful Mail:

“Still cleaning out my closets, and I’ve found this brand-new, still sealed copy of Popful Mail for the SEGA CD. As the USA Director/Producer/Writer, I can even autograph it if you wish, making it truly collectible. It’s your choice, with or without the autograph.”

After seeing what a sealed copy of Chrono Trigger fetched on eBay recently, these sealed games may be a good investment. Popful Mail and the Lunar’s are solid titles, but Albert Odyssey, Sega Ages and Shining Wisdom are hard sells, and this is coming from a Sega/Camelot fanatic. Vic must’ve already sold off Vay to pay his electric bill.

This is not a good sign for Gaijin Works, the company he founded after closing niche jRPG house Working Designs. Go bid on his games and send him your money if you want to see some obscure Japanese games localized complete with Clinton era humor. Is it too late for Giftpia, Vic?

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G. Nosorrow
G. Nosorrow
14 years ago

Victor Ireland is a very dishonest person. He is ripping off people! Many months before Workings Designs bankruptcy, it was impossible to buy, on the official WD website, the games he is selling now on ebay. They were not in stock anymore and out of print. Now, he’s been selling these games for months and months on ebay(see his feedback). Its easy to come to the conclusion that he’s planned this for months before the WD bankruptcy. “Cleaning out my closets, and I’ve found this brand-new, still sealed copy of…” Wow, he speaks like he just found them by surprise. To me, his closets looks much more like warehouses. This means that Ireland lied and was dishonest with all the WD fans out there. Screw him and his new compagny.

14 years ago

I sent him an email asking if he had any more copies of Lunar, dishonest or not I want those damned games new and sealed for my collection. I mentioned to him how I knew a mutual contact and how I won the Haiku contest for Lunar 2 PSX. Hopefully that will be enough to get him to sell me a copy of each.

14 years ago

See if he has any copies of Elemental Gearbolt while your at it. Maybe he even has a gold plated guncon stashed away somewhere.