Twinkle Star Sprites

A random Gametap update hit this Tuesday. I hit the list to see what they could have possibly put out on a non-update day.

What’s this? Twinkle Star Sprites? Twinkle Star Sprites?

Twinkle Star Sprites? Hooray!!

Wait a minute, why is it that I’m so excited about Twinkle Star Sprites? I have absolutely no clue. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it being mentioned a million times on various game sites and forums whenever the Neo Geo comes up. Somehow the name became ingrained in my mind, as if it was done by a secret government project and I’m the next Manchurian Candidate. I’m afraid if I don’t play it (or maybe if I do play it), I’m going to start sleepwalking and find myself as a presidential candidate in four months.

Anyway, despite being super kawaii, it is a pretty cool puzzle/’schmup hybrid. Now excuse me, I think I’m going to go play some Solitaire.

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