Soul Calibur Adventure

News today of a new action-adventure Soul Calibur game on the Wii. Very few details on it of course, but this pleases me nevertheless. I was devastated to see how messed up Soul Calibur 3 became because of the silly story segments and tactical-adventure nonsense they tried to cram down our throats. I would have loved to play with a sweet custom character, but not if it meant wading through ten hours of castle sieges, or losing twenty rounds in Tales of Souls so I could unlock twelve different capes in the shop (why the game unlocks things for losing, I do not know).

Of course, this new game doesn’t mean that an eventual Soul Calibur 4 won’t behave like 3, but I’m willing to guess that Namco realized they were trying to do two separate things in one game, and that this spinoff series will allow them to keep the adventure and story separate from the pure fighting.

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