Second verse same as the first?

So hey, Peter Moore is leaving Microsoft for Electronic Arts. When have we seen this before? Dreamcast gamers will remember when the chump left Sega in the days of the console’s waning to go to MS, and that he was influential in the canceling of Shenmue 2 in favor of an Xbox port.

I remember reading a very angry IGN forum post years ago, in which an avid Sega fan went over all the stupid things that Moore was responsible for. While I don’t remember any of it, I do remember it being convincing enough to give me a permanently sour taste for the man. During his time with MS friends would try to convince me that Moore was actually a pretty good industry power, but even as he slapped crazy tattoos on his arm he still bugged the shit out of me.

I think I realize it now; Moore is the epitome of marketing types. Just like Reggie “I came from Pizza Hut” Fils Aime, here is a man who will go to whatever job suits him best. Then he brings on an air of sincerity that hardly seems genuine, especially when he’s cancelling the last great Dreamcast game and dodging questions about failing 360s.

I have a grudging respect for his business savvy; he got through his “hard hitting” interview with Dan Hsu of 1up relatively unscathed because he knew exactly what to say. But I’m not sure I’d want the guy at one of my favorite companies, for fear of what kind of batshit decisions he may make.

Though I have to say, EA sounds like a terrific fit for the guy.

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