Nintendo – update your stupid console

I have curly red hair. Why does Nintendo hate me? How difficult would it be for them to add some new hair colors and styles to the Mii options? Their lack of effort is either indicative of laziness or deep seated hatred for non-Japanese people and frankly, either of those is culturally insensitive (particularly the latter) and pisses me off.

Also, stop allowing for such asinine polls. Neither black cats nor ladders have control over human affairs and anyone who says otherwise is an inbred peasant, or perhaps retarded Japanese farmer (just trying to even the score here). Though it may stretch the very boundaries of what human beings are capable of, please give us polls with three or dare I say four possible answers. This way you can continue asking questions like “Which day is longer, Tuesday or Thursday?” and I will have the third option of “The 12 year old who suggested this question is stupid,” or “It depends on the equinox so I’d need to know the calendar dates.”

Then there are the more common suggestion updates – harddrive support, VC games not stretching when using widescreen, direct load and save from the SD card, more channel slots, blah blah blah. These are all good, too.

And I was just kidding about the curly red hair thing. I’m not that disgusting.

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16 years ago

Thursday is longer. By one letter.