matt apparently reads videolamer

Is it me, or does report on everything that I’ve said, only later?

Exhibit A

This is an interview of Raph Koster of Star Wars Galaxies fame at the Austin Game Conference where he talks about how much better life in PC development would be without publishers. He apparently read my second episode on game testing where I said the same thing. He’s definitely right, though.

Exhibit B

This second article was an interview with Charles Deenen at the same conference where he talks about how powerful sound and music are to a video game and the pursuit of emotional response. I think I read something like that on videolamer somewhere. Oh wait, it’s here! We’ve got some eerie similarities in our arguments, too.

Exhibit C

This last article delves into our inner psyche and asks: “What is the deal with video games?” This article confused the hell out of me, but it vaguely resembles my first article I wrote for videolamer, which can be read here. He’s a little bit more philosophical/psychological about it, but it’s still on the same lines.

Just know everything you’ve read on, you’ve probably seen it first here on videolamer.

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17 years ago

I’ve felt the same thing about a few of my articles at times, but I don’t think its anything more than coincidence.  I post on one of the same forums as Eric-Jon, and he’s been writing stuff like that for quite some time.  He is quite the nice chap to boot!