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I am simply not a fan of James Mielke over at 1up. The man makes sure constantly that you know how awesome he is, how many contacts and friends he has in the games industry, and how long he has done this. He loves grilling any and all people he thinks are idiots, a title you can seemingly earn by disagreeing with him. If anyone he doesn’t know (or isn’t a pro writer) makes some sort of commentary, he will shoot it down. Apparently you aren’t legit as an amateur – unless 1up finds you.

Normally I just shake my head at this and leave it alone. I simply don’t read his content, and that is that. But I had to take a peek at 1up’s cover story for Devil May Cry 4, considering how much I look forward to the game.

Bad idea.

In Monday’s article for the DMC4 cover story, Mielke goes over reasons why the game should be good in his preview. Here is one of the bullet points, in its entirety:

Ladies Love Cool D. Where previous entries into the Devil May Cry canon have usually fitted Dante with one female companion, Capcom has doubled, nay, tripled that amount for DMC4. One’s a lame duck, though, so don’t get too excited. But the other two femme fatales will surprise you. What’s their deal? You’ll have to play the game to find out.”

Hmmmm. Three you say? He makes it sound like there is no way we can know until we play. Like he has super secret inside info once again.

We know of at least two female characters; Nero’s pristess pal, and this chica, who is probably one of the three. But those other two. Who could they be?

Oh yeah, its Lady and Trish. Which I already said before. How did I find such spoilerific info? On a Capcom blog no less.

Now there is some strange chance that Mielke is referring to different people, but that just means either his count is wrong or his article poorly explains things. I know this guy likes to feel special in the gaming community, but I hate to see him do it at the expense of a quality article. Perhaps it is better to save the spoilers for people who don’t yet know, but it isn’t exactly hard to stumble upon either.

I’ll admit that some 1up staff members are some of my favorite games writers. But it frustrates me to see someone like Mielke so loved when amateurs can do a better job at reporting than he can.

5 thoughts on “James Mielke – not so Rockstar journalist”

  1. Right.
    James Mielke is just a pretentious idiot.
    Even amateurs can do better jobs than him.
    And Mielke is so rude and sarcastic.
    I really hate such stupid asshole.

  2. I agree completely. James Mielke is so lame. I love how his 1up.com profile picture is of him and some chick, which in videogame nerd transl. means = ‘Hey I’ve got a girlfriend’ to everyone’s shock and awe. Hey, Mielke, she’s also not that hot but we take what we can get eh?

    Nothing gives him nerd cred like the ‘I must plaster this chick everywhere so people know I have one’ mentality. Nerds and closeted gay guys share in this.

  3. Lol, you guys are so sad. You’re bitter because he knows people and because he puts a pic of him and his girl on his, what, blog? Do you hate your family pohto album too?

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