Hotel rooms have an inordinate number of games

I’m currently on a business trip selling whatever it is I sell. Last night, after billing every available adult film to my company, I found myself browsing the video game selection of the hotel TV system. Check out their GameCube collection:

Mario Kart
SM Strikers
Mario Tennis
Mario Party 7
Backyard Baseball 07
Rogue Squadron 3
1080 Avalanche
Twilight Princess
Battalion Wars
Super Mario Sunshine
Tomb Raider
Mario Golf
Kirby Air Ride
Pokemon XD
Animal Crossing
Rogue Squadron 2
Pokemon Colosseum
Mario Party 6
Ocarina of Time
Mario Party 5
Wave Racer
Luigi’s Mansion
Paper Mario 2
Metroid Prime 2
Pokemon Channel
Wario World
Custom Robo
Wario Ware Inc
Wind Waker
Starfox Assault

The first thing that struck me was how their collection is better than mine. Twilight Princess already? And Ocarina of Time? Wasn’t that on the special edition of Wind Waker? The next thing I realized was, barring sports games, it’s very tough to just pick up and play a game.

Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Tanks, Duck Hunt, and a ton of other classics were immediately accessible. There was no need for a saved game and there were no plots. Games started right away and you could go a few rounds then be done with them. Long, plot based, linear games are part of what is driving adults away from the market and the older I get and the more insistent my parents and boss are that I act like an adult, the more I find myself being repelled by these qualities.

But this is all beside the point. Why on earth would anyone start a game of Paper Mario 2 in a hotel? If I had 35 hours to kill on a single business trip I’d spend that time searching for a new job.

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17 years ago

I feel the same way in large part. The games that get the most play time on my wii are things like raymond or elebits or some old VC games like kirby or mario bros (and even then they get play because they have save states). I don’t usually have time to sit down for six hours, and I remember when I was a little kid my parents wouldn’t have let me play that long anyway. What I need now are games that I can play for about 15-20 minutes and be done with, whether that means beating the game, playing until I die, or just beating a single level and having a save state.

17 years ago

Maybe 35 hour video games are for people who don’t sleep.

14 years ago

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