Demon’s Souls is the GOTY

It is no secret any more that many of us at videolamer are huge fans of Demon’s Souls.  Those of us who have played it would easily consider it one of the best games of the year, if not the best game on the PS3.  But our tastes in gaming do not always line up with the mainstream press, so we could only wonder how well the game would fare in the end of the year awards.  Surely it would win a few “Best RPG” or “Best PS3 game” trophies, but did it stand a chance at becoming the overall Game of the Year?  Apparently so.

According to an Atlus newsletter email, Demon’s Souls won’s GOTY, as well as Gamespot’s.  In addition, it won three other awards from Gamespot, and nominated for two more.  Add in those a few wins in the aforementioned “Best RPG/PS3 game” categories, and it it appears that the little game that could fared as well as the biggest releases of the year.

Personally, I am ecstatic at this news.  Describing why Demon’s Souls is so good can be as tricky as actually playing it, but its quality shines so bright that most critics could not ignore it.  For Atlus, it appears they have found a game that will help the rest of the gaming world see why their fans are so obsessive over the company.  For Gamespot, this may be a sign that they are changing for the better after the Kane and Lynch fiasco.  In any case, congrats to From Software for their achievement, and thanks again to Atlus for having the guts to give the game a chance in the West.

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14 years ago

I am genuinely intrigued by Demon’s Souls. It may well end up being the game I buy a PS3 for.