Dear Brady Fiechter

I can’t figure out why women characters are so shallow. Incidentally, here is our newest issue.

Dear Brady Fiechter,

In the January issue of Play magazine, you penned an article titled “A simple request, really…” In this wish of resolutions for the gaming industry, you called for female characters to receive “breast reductions” and character to be “written into our characters.” I share your hopes, but I do not go about the matter in the same way.

I employ more than your magazines current zero women, for example. I do not work for an editor who is portrayed as having women draped all over him with a smirk on his face, nor does my editor write reviews in which he names “breathtaking female lead,” or “ultra-hot leading lady” as one of only a few positive points.

My site does not currently have a sister publication that flaunts women from games as objects to be beat off to by teens who can’t get to real pornography. And finally, as someone who cares about equality in the industry, I do not call for women to be taken seriously in the same article I request booth babes unionize. Baby steps, or is E3 just too bland without women to serve as your eye candy?

I understand many of these points you have no control over. Your editor decides what he writes and how many girls are falling over him. HR hires, or does not hire women staff. Someone else decided to give Disturbed an article in your pages (seriously, they suck). But you have been given a microphone, you have the power to speak to thousands of readers and perhaps change some perceptions and the best you did was call for a union. Perhaps you do not wish a dismissal of the booth babes because you simply do not grasp the connection between allowing the industry to objectify women so blatantly and shallow, large breasted women in video games.

On a separate issue, can I have a job at your magazine? I could dress like a woman if it would help.

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