Better than a full day of sex: Deus Ex being revitalized

During a recent interview with Quebec’s MusiquePlus, Eidos France’s director general Patrick Melichor revealed that they’re planning to revisit the Deus Ex series with a new installment that will be developed by Eidos’ newly-formed Montreal studio. It isn’t official, but they’re very close to getting it approved. They’re basically just waiting for the go-ahead.

As a loyal Deus Ex fan, this is a great announcement. I loved the original Deus Ex for the PC, but felt a little betrayed when Eidos seemed to give PC players the finger by releasing a bug-ridden Invisible War and telling us to “just play the Xbox version.” Yeah, I was inconsolable for days after that one.

For the uninformed, and therefore stupid, Deus Ex was a FPS/RPG hybrid set in a futuristic cyberpunk society that is on the verge of an outbreak of a deadly disease. Probably the coolest feature in DX was the ability to accomplish an objective in any way that the user wanted. See that door there? You could either hack it open, blow it open, or find an alternate route through the sewers. It gave you so many choices that two people would never play the same game.

This is generic for most PC RPG’s, but was pretty innovative for an FPS, solidifying Deus Ex as one of the greats. Hopefully the next installment does the series proud.

[Via GameSpot]

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17 years ago

I loved Deus Ex and while I doubt it’s magic can be recaptured, a new game will inevitably lead to more people checking out the original – it’s nice the series will continue.
For what it’s worth I hope the developers liked Far Cry – a return to sprawling levels would be most welcome.