Are you a bad enough dude to save Eegra?

I would like to diverge from videogame discussion for a moment to bring attention to a disturbing reality: the very cool website Eegra is facing some serious financial problems. On their front page you can see some posts explaining the situation and how it can possibly be resolved. It makes me sad to no longer see their daily articles in my feed reader, and I hope they manage to work everything out soon. I decided to help in the only way I know how, blogging about it.

If you don’t know what Eegra is, it’s a quirky blog-thingy about videogames. It’s full of humor, indie/obscure games, and is run by some awesome and intelligent people. It helped inspire me to write about games and made me enthusiastic for gaming blogs.

Since they’re not updating very much anymore, here are a few highlights for you to read:

Who Is Kevin VanOrd, and Why Is His Jaw Tired?

Chris Buffa and GameDaily – the saviours of games journalism? (featuring yours truly)

A Needlessly Long Screed About Brevity

Feature: The 10 Orangest Videogame Characters of All Time

Tips for Games Journalists

TGS 2007: Booth Babe Gallery

Hilarity Comics

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