A plea

Yes, a bit of a plea in this semi-E3 season, which will quickly lead into the pre-holiday hype season. To all internet dwelling gamers and game journalists:

1) Please do not use the term SKU anymore. You aren’t retail managers or inventory workers. Did the words “Model” and “version” go stale or something? Or are you just trying to sound smart about an area of the industry you don’t know?

2) Please stop analyzing teaser trailers of games. You’ll get them in your hands sooner or later. Weren’t you all telling me that GTA was great for its sandbox gameplay? And now you’re analyzing every bit and piece of the new one to find out about the story and characters? Have we all just become bipolar or something?

Stop bothering with this crap. Go outside and play or something.

3) Stop talking about Soul Calibur. You’re just encouraging Namco to continue to make the series a ridiculous, story based mess.

4) Please at least try to be good with the upcoming Halo 3/Killzone 2 fanboy wars. We get two gameplay videos precisely tailored to show us what they want to show us, and already people are ready to enlist for a faction or something. Internet fanboys are quicker than fucking facehuggers.

In conclusion, Jay pointed out to me that last night before the E3 coverage, G4 did a PS3 vs 360 thing, with no mention of the Wii. PS3 and 360 fans are ready to kill each other over a shooter.

Meanwhile the Wii is outselling both of them. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not being a pretentious asshole when I see the way our community behaves and draw parallels to a High School’s Life Skills class. I say that because I don’t want to offend the mentally handicapped.

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