60…45 Reasons to own a PSP

PSP Fanboy started a series of articles back in June extolling the wonders of the PSP. The 60 Reasons to Own a PSP series was written (by a reader of the blog) to illuminate how amazing the PSP system is. And amazing it is, with reasons such as “Has buttons” and “Runs on electricity” on the list, there is no denying the PSP is the best system ever

Realizing any reasons beyond “has good games”, “costs less than the PS3” and possibly “not fatal if ingested” were unnecessary, videolamer wrote a parody of the article that simply looked at a bunch of DS games and labeled each game a reason to own the DS. We sent PSP Fanboy the article but have yet to hear back from them. They are too busy writing their 60 reasons, perhaps.

We got many negative responses to the DS article. The PSP list is better because it’s not just games was a popular complaint, following only “U sux go fuck urselv” in frequency.

The PSP Fanboy list is still unfinished. On July 2nd they posted reasons 41 to 45 and have not followed up since then. Is this because there are only 45 reasons to own a PSP and their original goal was too ambitious? Maybe the list their reader sent in only had 45 real reasons and 46-60 were the names of UMD pornos. Could PSP Fanboy have realized how lame list articles are? Or maybe, despite their lack of acknowledgment, our DS article really got to them – the gentle parody was just too much for them to handle.

The last option seems the most likely. One look at their logo and you can tell they put up an aggressive front only to shield themselves from the harsh judgment of others. Since I know many Sony fanboys, I understand the emotional fragility of your breed and do not want to be responsible for any self inflicted knife wounds; cutting doesn’t solve anything.

An olive branch: I apologize for making fun of your article series and you accept there are not 60 reasons to own a PSP. What do you say, PSP Fanboy?

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16 years ago

I even have a PSP and can’t think of 60 reasons to own it. Lucky for me, I only need one. Yup, you guessed it:


16 years ago

Best reason to own a PSP, two words, “Custom Firmware”.