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10 Steps to Making Money with a Gaming Blog

People often ask me why I waste my vast cornucopia of knowledge of all things business on a minuscule website. I can afford to do this because I retired at the age of 14 after selling multiple blogs for millions of dollars a pop. This site provides a platform to share my expertise without the threat of anyone emailing for follow up information. Follow the 10 steps below (each as important as the last and therefore all assigned the number 1) and you, too, can retire at 14 by selling your weblog.

  1. Choose how much you want to make

The first step anyone reasonable takes before doing anything creative is to analyze the market and choose a segment that matches desired returns. How much would you like to make from blogging? Assuming you chose billions, we can then conclude you need to write about video games. There may be skeptics who are unaware games are a $280 billion a year industry and so I will spell it out in painful detail for these slower than average readers.

The math is super simple – take even a percent of the video game market and you will make 2.8 billion a year. Let’s say you are particularly bad at marketing, the key element of any successful endeavor, and only take in a pathetic quarter of a percent of the overall industry – in a mere two years you’ll have accumulated over a billion dollars (assuming you pay no taxes, and really when you make that kind of money you shouldn’t).

Honestly I wouldn’t get out of bed in the year 2022 if my job brought in less than a billion. If you’re content with being a millionaire then maybe video game blogging isn’t for you. Stick with becoming a fashion influencer and leave this space for the entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid of getting dirty.

  1. Make a logo

You should not have to do this yourself. Plenty of recent design graduates will work for very little – I knew a guy who designed a sign for a diner next door to his apartment that paid him in food. If you can’t find someone to take advantage of, there are plenty of websites that will make a logo for you. I created this far superior videolamer logo in about 20 seconds using a free Adobe tool.

The new videolamer logo?

A name for your blog may be something useful to have at this point but is not absolutely necessary. Any variation on the word “gamer” should suffice: Gamer Beat, Midnight Gamer, Gamer’s Katana, Gamer Hydra, Vengeance and Fury Gamer, etc. All gaming related sites need a control pad or buttons as part of their logo so the semi-literate know what they’re looking at immediately. Orange and blue are the common advertising colors but with today’s modern technology I have seen logos using reds and even greens.

  1. Figure out an audience and a tone

These usually go hand in hand. For example, if you choose incels, you will need to round out coverage of anime games with rants on women’s sexual liberation and how that has caused the downfall of Western society. A recipe for failure is to figure out how you would like to write and what you would like to cover and then trying to find an audience. People do not care about what you care about. Your taste is your own and is probably terrible. Instead, find what already makes money and do that.

  1. Get plugged in to social media

No one will ever find your blog by magically guessing the address. The way to recognition is through influencers and the way through influencers is by the dollar highway. Find the loudest or least clothed streamers and offer them money to talk about your brand. You should have a logo by now that they can post and talk about but really at this time it is finally critical to name your blog. Your paid influencers explaining how “site yet to be named totally owns,” will have less impact than actually using your site’s name.

Let other people sell your stuff for you.
  1. Write something

Eventually, your blog will require some sort of writing on it. Two immediate questions jump to most peoples’ minds at this point.

Must I be able to write? Of course not. The internet is flooded with barely coherent ramblings on sites that succeed because they master the other bullet points of this list.

Must I be able to read? Technically, no. There have been strides made in AI including solutions that will write blog posts for you. You may be required to know how to type out a few key words and be able to find the button marked “submit” but beyond that, reading is not necessarily required for bloggers.

There are a few other points to consider when writing. Make use of plug-ins that scan your content and headlines for how appealing they are and how well search engines can pick them up. Headlines in particular should not be interesting, they should be SEO optimized. 

Similar plug-ins will let you know that you’re probably writing above a mass audience’s head. Words should be short. Sentences should be short. In a surprising twist, paragraphs should be short. Use a tool that will flag issues such as 11th grade level writing and suggest you add more bulleted lists.

It’s also been proven that longer blog posts lead to more, possibly longer, engagement. So if your post is running a little short, you can always pad it out. That is to say if you add more words, your posts will be longer. This is good because longer posts are better at engaging readers. So don’t forget to make your posts longer regardless of method.

  1. Repurpose content

Once you have written something, you can turn it into a dozen things with some clever editing and kerning adjustments. This guide is mostly just a copy of something I wrote years ago with some sentences moved around.

If you know the secret of reusing content, a review could become an editorial, a guide, a picture gallery, and a top ten list with minimal effort. And consider modern games that have frequent updates – why not update your articles on a monthly basis and put them front and center as new content?

  1. Answer questions on Quora

The questions should be the most viewed, not what has content overlap with your blog. For example, a heady question on game design will be much less useful at driving traffic than “how much milk can a person drink before they throw up?” Assume expertise regardless of your actual knowledge and drop at least three links back to your blog in any Quora questions you answer.

This likely means something.
  1. Threaten people into marketing for you

I only recently became aware of this clever tactic. Some people prefer to catch flies with honey, others a fly swatter. If you fall into the latter camp, try sending out emails that read like this to other websites [actual email received by videolamer]:

Hello Sir!

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  1. Grind it out

After one, two months tops you will have amassed a few hundred thousand readers. Now it’s time to monetize. The sure-fire way is to flood the site with ads, stop anyone using an ad-blocker from entering, and then charge a weekly fee for the “gold” version of your blog that removes most, but not all, of the ads. To paraphrase Spotify’s position on leaving ads in paid members podcasts – advertisements are a key feature of the internet and to remove all of them would be to rob users of an authentic experience.

Ads should cover a quarter of your site at a minimum.
  1. Sell for big payday

It’s really that easy. Simply repeat every time you need a new house!

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2 years ago

It’s all so easy! Makes me wonder why more people don’t do this…