Review – Rampage: Total Destruction (Wii)

Thanks to GameFly, I’m able to get my hands on games like this for a negligible cost, taking some of the sting away. I guess I wasn’t really expecting much from this game but I was still rather disappointed. I enjoyed playing the past iterations of the series… I mean, as much as one can enjoy this type of repetitive game play, and I was looking forward to some sort of innovative control scheme with the Wiimote. Nope.

The Wii functionality was obviously an afterthought, as you can only execute two movements with the motion sensing (a ground smash and a swipe attack). Movement in general was pretty sluggish, and there were times when I could barely get my monster to do anything let alone pull off the unlockable fancy combo moves. I use the term “fancy” here in the lightest sense. You climb buildings, you smash buildings, you eat the inhabitants along with the occasional piece of pie you happen to find inside a tank.

There are about 30 unlockable monsters, of with you start the game with around nine. None had different special moves or attributes even though they are given “RPG-lite” stats for power, speed and jump ability. It didn’t seem like it made any difference and the only reason for changing characters was because you got bored looking at the same one for so long.

Two-player mode was a little more entertaining, as you could always beat up on your partner and then eat them when they reverted back to naked human mode (the best part of the original as well). But after about three of the nine or so cities you can destroy it really got old. There’s no real reason to continue and the levels consist of small, one-block boards that are strung together with no real rest. Some cities had over a dozen areas with no save points in between. Not that I ever died, but I could see how it would be frustrating if you did. I guess that’s my other problem with the game: it was way too easy.

Overall, not very fun past the thirty minute mark. At least it was just a port and not a Wii-exclusive.

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