Quick Thought of the Day: Out with the old….

I’m starting to notice a trend while playing games on my Xbox 360. It’s a weird trend, one that some may not even care about. It has to deal with what games people are playing on the 360. It seems that every time I go on Xbox Live, and view my Friends List (for stats sake, i have around 30 Friends), never do I see any of them playing a game that didn’t come out in the last week or so. Right now my list is filled with RockBand and Mass Effect. Before that it was Assassin’s Creed. And before that it was Halo 3, with some BioShock thrown in there for good measure. This has happened ever since I first got my 360, almost a year ago. It seems like no one ever plays their old games.

I wonder why. Some games do have a lot of longevity to them, so it’s not like everyone can finish a game in 2 hours. Playing BioShock one time is definitely not enough to fully understand what is happening in the world of Rapture. And I’m sure Geometry Wars is as good as it was when it was first released, back at launch in 2005.

It’s funny too, when I went back and played Halo 2 for the single-player retrospective articles, I was even made fun of for playing a game so old. “Was it fun playing Halo 2?” says my friend sarcastically. At some points I feel like the odd man out when I play games like Lumines Live! and Condemned: Criminal Origins. Jesus, I don’t even want to know the backlash I will have to endure if I played Guitar Hero 2.

Some will say that this is because so many awesome games have come out recently, that no one has time to play their old games. While I do agree with that, this situation has been going on even when the release schedule wasn’t filled to the brim with such great games.

I guess now that we have Xbox Live Arcade, with new games being released every Wednesday, as well as multi-system households (WiiPS360 ftw), most gamers are becoming spoiled, always wanting something new. And even though it was a fact before, I’m sure gamers have even more justification for not finishing their games before going on to a new one.

Is the video game industry on its way to becoming like the fashion industry, where playing old games is out of style? Geez, let’s hope not. I still have a few achievements to get in Aegis Wing.

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