News 9/5/06:
*A reredesign! Woo!

News 5/1/06:
*We have reached 100 articles. How many have you read?

News 4/3/06:
*The new design allows for you to comment on every article. It also is responsible for the King’s demise. A moment of silence, please.

News 3/31/06:
*Videolamer is six months old. They say the first year is the hardest, so after we do another six we plan to utterly destroy Gamespot, IGN and Gamespy.

News 3/20/06:
*Goddamn Register Fly is the worst company in the world. Three days after pulling and deleting this site they have still not gotten back to us. With all the name server changing and domain transfering, there will be some dead links. We apologize for this and are currently updating a page we can’t even see on the internet.

News 3/17/06:
* New news archive added to the site complete with one article. See the King for details.

News 2/17/06:
* Pardon anything that may be broken. The site is changing servers.

News 2/12/06:
* The World of Warcraft gold farming debate has given us quite a large audience. Welcome, please feel free to look around, we have plenty of other, more interesting articles. And we have yet to recieve a single piece of hatemail, someone please remedy this by contacting us.

News 2/7/06:
* A new column was founded today. It’s called Idol Worship and is all about sucking up to people who are better than us. Look for the counterbalance column Talentless Assholes in the near future.

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