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My old college friend is coming to visit this weekend. What does this have to do with videolamer you ask?

He’s bringing his copy of Mass Effect for me to borrow for an indefinite amount of time. That means yet another person gets to weight in his opinion about this RPG.

I warn you; I haven’t been a fan of most of Bioware’s work, save for the games that also had Black Isle stamped on it. That includes Knights of the Old Republic. I’m wary about how much I will enjoy Mass Effect, but I will give it a fair shake, as I’m always up for being proven wrong. If I still don’t like it, I won’t go saber rattling about it. I still will discuss it, which could lead to a massive, 61 comment debate that will be the first true entry in the Hall of Lame.

All in all, it should be interesting.

This post doesn’t feel long enough, so I will fill it out with my tales of success in Persona 3. I finally got far enough into it that all my questions were answered, and my fear of failure is quelled. I actually understand the mechanics now, and I have high confidence about my ability to proceed without hindrance.

I always hate when this happens. Some silly psychological barrier prevents me from progressing in a game I like or want to like, and it takes me months or even years to push past it. It happens mainly with RPGs, which might mean something.

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16 years ago

What did you not like about KOTOR? Mass Effect is very similar, only with guns instead of lightsabers.

16 years ago

What exactly is the thing that messes with you, Christian? The possibility that you won’t be ABLE to beat a game, or the idea that it will eventually become a burden and you won’t be WILLING to complete it?

Also, looking forward to your ME article. You might be nearly done with the game at this point, I suppose…